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Welcome to Story BI! Our passion is to provide business intelligence services that turn data into direction. Please contact for more information on how we can help tell your data story.

Story BI believes that data and storytelling are central to how teams collaborate and share success. When data participates in the conversation, complexity is replaced by understanding, decision making, and a willingness to take action. By starting with the data story, we are able to develop solutions that support specific goals and drive results.

Microsoft Power BI provides the flexibility to combine different data sources, create meaningful visuals, and refresh seven days a week. Users spend less time waiting for (or preparing) reports, and more time uncovering insights, collaborating with others, and measuring results.

Please take a few minutes to explore below how Microsoft Power BI can improve flexibility and drive results in your business.

Financial Statement Reader

The classic income statement is one of the most trusted documents in business. By publishing the income statement online, we are able to track our business daily, identify material changes, and access transaction detail all from one simple to use reporting page.

Click on the visual below to open the report in Power BI.

Try it out!

  • Open the report by clicking on the image above.
  • Scroll down the main statement on the left to the ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ line. You’ll notice a dramatic increase in expense over prior year highlighted in red.
  • Click once on the label ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ in the income statement to highlight just this line. You should also notice the panel on the right filters to a list of repair amounts by month.
  • Click on the + symbol on October to reveal the issue. We have a capital project entry mixed in with our repairs and maintenance.

With the ability to review the statement and dig into details if needed, we understand the issue well enough to simply ask for a correction.

Daily Moving Average

Understanding how our business changes over time has never been more important. This daily moving average report allows us to view sales trends at different time intervals. From day-to-day changes all the way up to a smoother 90 day average, this graph helps us understand the impact of changes in the market.

Try it out!

  • Open the report by clicking on the image above.
  • Drop down the ‘Look Back Days’ slicer to review the different options when calculating the daily moving average. Choosing five days will provide a more current change in daily average, where choosing 30 days will include more history, and thus display a more gradual change in daily average.
  • Feel free to choose between different product Divisions and business Regions. Notice that the report titles adjust as you switch between different Divisions and Regions.
  • As an example, choose the Asia Region and the Online Division. Start by choosing a 30 day look-back period. Notice that it appears that in early November, our daily average sales breaks above the 180 current moving average. Now roll back the look-back days to 5 days. Notice that the trend lines become more jagged and sensitive to current day changes in sales. In this 5 day view we now see that our daily average sales cross over the 180 day average line on 10/28/2013.

Sample Retail Store Report

The report below is a retail sales and margin report for a fictitious sporting good store. In the report we are able to filter the single page to show us various insights by store location, brand, department etc. The icon buttons on the left allow us to filter the main three report panels to highlight different seasons of the year.

Hawaii Tourism Statistics – Domestic arrivals by day.

The report below is unique in that it pulls directly from a Hawaii Tourism website. By connecting to monthly and daily pdf reports made available to the public, we are able to customize our own report and make it available to our users. The best part about this report, is that it updates daily from the web!

Click on the visual below to open the report in Power BI.

Thank you for visiting Story BI, please don’t hesitate to contact us on how we can add value to your data story.

Mark Walter, CPA – Story BI –

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