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Replacing full records based on partial strings in Power Query.

Just when I thought I could clean any column using the user interface in Power Query, I was stumped when needing to clean a list of 10-20K+ bank merchant name ID’s and turn them into readable business names. Note: This blog ends with a sample file that walks through adding a find replace list, and […]

Improve the Readability of the Matrix Visual.

It’s no surprise that a program aimed at the pivot table loving business user would include a similar visual called the Matrix. The ability to summarize, search, and drill into transaction detail makes it a fast friend of any Accountant or Financial Analyst. However, ask your managers to navigate this visual, and you may ask […]

The Classic Income Statement and Power BI – Better Together

The purpose of is to promote the use of Power BI as a business developer, and share our experience combining analytics with data storytelling to benefit the business. In this post I share working through finding the right income statement BI tool to help our business adopt and drive insights. In the age of […]


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