Excel to Power BI (Part 2)

Are you an Excel user ready to extend your skillset in Power BI? This step-by-step blog series covers just enough to get you rolling.

Download Power BI Desktop for FREE and find out how Power BI compliments what you already know and love in Excel!

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Excel to Power BI (Part 1)

If you are an #MSExcel user looking for a 20 minute hands-on demo that will get you started in #PowerBI, check out part 1 of my new blog series “Excel to Power BI”!

Learning from the Power BI Community – Top 10

2020 has been a great year to dive deeper in Power BI and new emerging features and tools. I’ve enjoyed learning from reporting tips, external tools, updated books, more M, culture, and the list goes on. All great resources, and a clear sign to me of a maturing product getting stronger. With all of the […]

Replacing full records based on partial strings in Power Query.

Just when I thought I could clean any column using the user interface in Power Query, I was stumped when needing to clean a list of 10-20K+ bank merchant name ID’s and turn them into readable business names. Note: This blog ends with a sample file that walks through adding a find replace list, and […]

Improve the Readability of the Matrix Visual.

It’s no surprise that a program aimed at the pivot table loving business user would include a similar visual called the Matrix. The ability to summarize, search, and drill into transaction detail makes it a fast friend of any Accountant or Financial Analyst. However, ask your managers to navigate this visual, and you may ask […]

The Classic Income Statement and Power BI – Better Together

The purpose of is to promote the use of Power BI as a business developer, and share our experience combining analytics with data storytelling to benefit the business. In this post I share working through finding the right income statement BI tool to help our business adopt and drive insights. In the age of […]

M + DAX = Dynamic report date & time stamp.

I see this question pop up periodically, I thought I’d update the blog with an older LinkedIn post I shared two months ago. In this post I share the M and DAX work around that has done the trick to get a date and time stamp posted on report pages. The added benefit is that […]


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