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10 tips that help me visualize DAX & Evaluation Context

It’s interesting to watch students learn Power BI and respond differently to new concepts. ETL, modeling, and design are mouse clicks for the most part. However, it’s Evaluation Context and DAX that requires us to slow down, comprehend, conceptualize, and practice hands-on. I tell students that DAX is what separates a drag and drop user from…

Using TREATAS to improve profitability reporting

As a distributor, we offer a ‘spend and profitability’ report in Power BI as an added value for our customers. This report serves two purposes: 1. To provide the customer with a daily tracker of purchases made during the month. 2. To calculate different profitability measures and ratios after month end. The reporting challenge is…

Excel to Power BI Connected Data

This step-by-step blog series covers just enough to get you rolling. Find out how Power BI compliments what you already know and love in Excel!


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