About Mark

Mark is an Accounting professional passionate about business reporting and data insights. A long time Excel user, Mark started modeling data in Power Pivot, then later in Power BI, and hasn’t looked back.

Mark started Story BI to share his learning journey from a business analyst perspective. Blog posts cover everything from learning DAX and M, to working through various data adoption and culture issues.

At some point we realized that for Power BI to be a long term success, our data-story had to be as important to us as our data-model. The boost this discovery brought us became a key motivator for Story BI.

Outside of development and data storytelling, Mark works on ERP automation, General Ledger reporting, and external customer engagement.

Mark active in Power BI user groups as well as Finance networking groups. He enjoys presenting with groups that share a passion for new technology in Accounting and Analytics.

Mark is an Oregon Certified Public Accountant and has a Finance degree from Western Washington University.

To contact Mark please E-mail: mark@storybi.com, or find Mark on LinkedIn and Twitter at markwaltercpa.

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