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Now Offering small group Power BI Foundation Training!


1. Automate the steps necessary to transform and clean your data with Power Query!

Data transformation in Power BI is essential to creating an efficient model and reporting solution. With just clicks of the mouse we are able to import raw data and automate the steps necessary to clean and structure the tables used in our model.

2. Data Modeling: Connect data from multiple sources.

Data Modeling allows us relate and connect our tables from different source systems including Excel. By following modeling best practices we learn how to leverage the performance of the Star Schema and improve both speed and accuracy of our insights.

3. Data Analysis eXpressions: Add custom formulas by learning DAX.

DAX allows the developer to fully customize an effective reporting solution. DAX May seem simple at first; however efficient and accurate calculations depend on a solid understanding of Evaluation Context. It is important to gain confidence in DAX by working through practical real life examples.

4. Report Design: Make an impact through design best practices.

Build your report in a way that helps your users better navigate, follow the story, and draw out valuable insights. Learn to customize themes, organize visuals, and give users full control over turning a flat report into a user friendly interactive experience.

5. Publish and Share: Share engaging reports with confidence!

Learn to share reports through the Microsoft cloud Service. Set different user access roles and schedule automatic updates to ensure our users see up to date information.

By working through the five foundations, we’ll gain the skills necessary to collaborate and empower others in our organization to turn data into direction.

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