I have taken advantage of many free (some paid) resources the web has to offer… blogs, YouTube videos, books, courses etc. I believe I have seen some of the best the web has to offer.

When I decided to post a list of resources, I though of Alex Powers and his ‘$0 dimes Power BI resource list’ post. He graciously agreed to share his links for this post, commenting that “A rising tide lifts all the boats”. Alex, I am grateful for your generosity in sharing this content.

My plan is to continue adding to this list; please feel free to share your own favorites. Our hope is that no matter what stage you are it in your journey, that you would find something here that takes your Power BI, DAX, and M skills to the next level.


New to Power BI? Start here!

GUY IN A CUBE: 9 Things to Know Before Getting Into Power BI

MSFT Basics: Get started building with Power BI

MSFT Basics: Microsoft Power BI Guided Learning

MSFT Basics: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

MSFT Basics: Guy in a Cube – Easy and fun way to stay up to date and learn

Power Pivot Pro Basics: The book where it all started

Power Pivot Pro Basics: Free PDF reference card of functions

Radacad writes a lot, knows a lot, and freely shares his very practical and functional content. Enjoy.

RADACAD Intermediate: Download his free PDF E-books – Rookie to Rockstar

Radacad Blogs here

My friends at CSG Pro host a great Power BI user group, and share some of the most thoughtful and creative Power BI content.

Check out the CSG Pro Business User Video Series

DAX Specific:

For the strong Excel person, DAX will seem easy at first. Don’t be fooled, as Marco Russo from SQLBI says, “DAX is simple, but difficult to master!”

DAX Intro: Know the learning curve

“DAX is simple, but it is not easy” – Alberto Ferrari

Brian Grant from CSG Pro releases the “Elements of DAX” FREE on YouTube providing you an extensive and comprehensive way to learn DAX.

PowerPivotPro Intro: The ROI of learning and authoring in Power BI

SQLBI DAX Intro: Part 1:2 DAX 101 on YouTube, watch and re-watch!

SQLBI DAX Intro: Part 2:2 Advanced DAX, on YouTube, watch and re-watch, this stuff is gold!

SQLBI DAX Intro: Learn from the best! Incredibly rich and free video course resource

DAX.GUIDE Documentation: The ultimate go-to for all of your DAX functions

Wrap your head around row and filter context and DAX will reveal its true form:

SQLBI Fundamentals: Row and Filter context; the heart of understanding DAX!

CSGPRO / Brian Grant – Fundamentals: A visual guide to Row vs. Filter Context

Make your DAX formulas readable. (Also available in DAX Studio):

SQLBI DAX Formatting: Copy/Paste your DAX code and get perfect formatting!

DAX Patterns: Copy/Paste and Replace Table/Field Names. You’re an IT pro now:

Look for the new updated “DAX Patterns” book coming soon!

SQLBI DAX Patterns: Get a head start on your DAX patterns

$ SQLBI Books: Definitive Guide to DAX 2nd Edition

Data Model Specific:

SQLBI Data Models: Another great free video course. Learn how to model your data!

SQLBI Fundamentals: Best practice on choosing between a measure and a calculated column

Pro Level Fundamentals:

Phil Seamark – 2 Part: DAX 1-Column Fusion & using Debug Measures!

SQLBI Pro Level: Learn the difference between these two column options

SQLBI Pro Level: Calculated Columns vs. Calculated Tables

MSFT Pro Level: The Vertipaq Engine. Learn it. Love it.

DAX Studio Pro Level: The best FREE tool on the internet – DAX Studio

SQLBI Pro Level: Various talks to help you tune your models

GITHUB Pro Level: Do crazy things with your data model – Tabular Editor

Power Query Specific:

Do not, and I repeat, do not overlook the Power of Power Query and the M language!

Microsoft Documents Everything and anything.

$ Gil Raviv – Datachant.com: The book that got me hooked on M as a superpower!

Pro Level: Fantastic series for learning M from Ben Gribaudo

Pro Level: Deep Dive into M. Watch and re-watch with your family and friends

Pro Level: Power Query Microsoft paper; It’s a dry read, but so good

Pro Level: GITHUB Create custom connectors

Pro Level: Power Query SDK

Query Error Diagnostics: Chris Webb

Learn from some of the best on YouTube:

Guy in a Cube YouTube Channel – Weekly videos and Saturday Live Chat!

Two Alex’s – Saturday Live Chat on topics and demos beyond the desktop

Ruth Pozuelo Martinez – Curbal.com posts great topics three days a week!

Sam McKay, CFA – Enterprise DNA, offers a ton of great Instruction

Mike Girvin – Excel is Fun! Can 650K subscribers be wrong??

Interactive Data Storytelling:

Storytelling MSFT: Jeff Lumpkin from Microsoft on Storytelling in Power BI

Storytelling Forbes: The essential data science skill everyone needs

Visual Analytics MSFT: Alberto Cairo – Data Insight Summit

Visual Analytics: An interesting early research project on the potential benefits of visual analytics

Report Canvas:

KRATOSBI Report Canvas: Custom Themes. Using your brand colors = bonus points with your boss

SQLBI Using Visuals: Now you know

MSFT Report Canvas: Build your own custom Power BI visuals. (Low-to-no-code)

RADACAD Charticulator: Intro series – You’ll need it

MSFT Visuals: Build your own custom Power BI visuals (node.js)

*NEW: Paginated Reports in Power BI Report Builder:

MSFT: Free online “Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day”. Taught by Peter Myers and Chris Finlan, with special guest Paginated Report Bear!

Whitepapers / Recommended Practices:

Technical Official Whitepapers: Taught me everything I know

Technical Adoption: Power BI Adoption Framework – It matters, and it’s where you start

Premium Capacity Administration and Optimization:

Technical Subscriptions: Managing Premium Capacities

Technical Subscriptions: Optimizing Premium Capacities

Tools / Software:

Tools: Radacad Power BI Helper – It helps you

Tools / Software: BISM Normalizer – For all your XMLA needs

Alex Powers – Introduction to Tabular Editor

Tools / Software: Tabular Editor – Look behind the curtain

Tools / Software: Power Query SDK – Build your own custom connectors

Tools / Software: Power BI Data Connection file (PBIDS) creator