Sometimes we use Power BI to help illustrate one single concept that could make a significant impact on our business partners. No complex model, no crazy DAX, just a flexible dashboard and simple visuals that help highlight something meaningful.

As part of our effort to stay connected with our customers during this time, we are providing information and links as a resource on our CARES Act web page HERE. One of the tools provided is our web embedded Power BI dashboard, which adds an interactive element to our content. By having this tool front and center, we give our customers the ability to learn about the provisions of the Act as they work through their own example.

This tool is just one way we can add value to the conversation. If the business need is there, this tool might just help that business owner take the next step sooner rather than later.

You can visit our web page HERE to review the information and live dashboard.

** Please Note: This tool is meant to help facilitate a general discussion, and in no way should be considered a substitute for legal or financial advice. To learn about the specifics of the CARES Act, click HERE.

Click on the dashboard image to try it out.

I hope you take a minute to visit our website to see the full resource. As always, thanks for visiting!

Author: Mark Walter