I am a Financial Analyst / Excel user that was introduced to Power Pivot in 2013, then later Power BI in 2015.

The more I learned about Power BI, the more I learned the value of data modeling, report design, culture, and data storytelling. In hindsight, each skill was instrumental in the overall success of business intelligence in our business.

Being able to quickly develop customer insights and turn data into decisions became a competitive advantage. We’ve leveraged this advantage over the entire Organization and realized improvements in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, and Operations.

Story BI is a blog about sharing this journey, and empowering others through knowledge, collaboration, and results. My hope is that you find something here that takes your Power BI skills, and business to the next level.

Please take a look at the many external learning resources as well as some of my own real world situations solved using Power BI.

I look forward to sharing and hearing back from you on your Power BI journey.

Author: Mark Walter