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About Story BI

Welcome to Story BI, and thank you for visiting!

I have worked in Finance and Accounting for over 20 years with a mission of automating and providing better data access and insights for data users.

In 2013 I was introduced to Power Pivot, then Power BI in 2015. I primarily forcused on learning the core foundations of the Power BI product:

  • Transforming data with Power Query and DAX,
  • Establishing an efficient data model, and
  • Learning how DAX and Evaluation Context work together.

As my technical skills developed, I started focusing on the softer skills surrounding Power BI including:

  • Building a healthy data culture,
  • Improved knowledge sharing,
  • Data storytelling and team engagement, and
  • Goal setting and sharing results.

Story BI as a website and personal mission focuses on sharing knowledge and empowering others to explore data and use insights as a guiding light in business.

My hope is that you find something here that takes your skillset and business to the next level. I have posted external learning resources as well as some of my own real-world solutions using Power BI.

Please reach out if I can help bring value to your data story! / @markwaltercpa

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  1. This is long overdue Mark. I have had the chance to be someone who has benefitted first hand from Mark’s knowledge and passion for working with PowerBI. The value that Mark has brought to our working relationship with PowerBI and the tools that help us do our job better has been a game-changer for our operations and sales departments. What I most appreciate about Mark is that he doesn’t use the tools to overwhelm you with dashboards, spreadsheets, and pivot tables only. He uses these tools to communicate deeper realities and truths about our business. He uses these tools to start conversations that change perspectives and breakthrough barriers in business. Our customers are not just informed through the technology that Mark brings to the table they are invited into a dialogue that serves them in being more profitable and gives our customers better ways to serve their customers. I am personal being taught by Mark how to work with PowerBI and can’t wait to see how I can use these tools more efficiently and effectively. I am eagerly anticipating the next blog. As a friend and partner in business thank you!
    Ken Kasterko

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