Welcome to Story BI Consulting, and thank you for visiting!

I’ve worked in Finance and Accounting for over 20 years with a mission of automating and providing better insights for report users. Needless to say Microsoft Excel (Specifically VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables) and I are good friends.

In 2013 I was introduced to Power Pivot, then Power BI in 2015. I first focused on the technical aspects of Power BI:

  • Developing data with Power Query and DAX,
  • Establishing an efficient data model, and
  • Using visuals that help tell a data story.

Next, I dove into non-technical skills of promoting a healthy data culture:

  • Improved knowledge sharing,
  • Data storytelling and team engagement, and
  • Goal setting and demonstrating results.

Story BI focuses on these areas in an effort to add value by turning data into direction.

My hope is that you find something here that takes your skillset, and your business to the next level. I have posted many external learning resources as well as some of my own real world solutions using Power BI.

I look forward to sharing and hearing back from you on your Power BI journey.

Author: Mark Walter